I wanted to share some thoughts that have come into my head lately...

We all have “marathons” to run. Some may be literally running 26.2 miles or an ultramarathon. Some might be running their first 5k. And for others, their marathon might be walking to the mailbox or surviving a few days with the little ones while their spouse is away on business.

We all have goals. Goals don’t have to be met in 4-6 days or 4-6 months. It could take 4-6 years for someone to meet their goal of walking to their mailbox or to beat their PR. In this “everything now” society we live in, 4-6 years to achieve a goal may seems like an eternity. Don’t give up on your goals, keeping striving to meet them.

We need to learn to listen to our bodies. As we age, we need more recovery, not necessarily passive recovery, but active recovery. Run 2 minutes slower than your normal pace, walk the hills, walk slower, practice yoga. Yoga, even chair yoga, is an awesome form of exercise and recovery. A few minutes of quiet away from the kids may be your recovery in order to power on. Sleep is also very important for recovery. It allows us to rest and reboot and allows our tissues to regenerate. We are so busy, sleep is pushed to the side. When you are overtired and not rested, you make poor decisions, your more likely to be irritated. Find time to recover and sleep.

We are all different. Different sizes, genders, beliefs, dietary and nutrition needs. Different interests, challenges and goals. But…we all need to move! Things get harder and hurt more the more we sit still. Movement is key. MOVE!

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