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Patient Testimonials

"The two therapists that worked with me were very kind and smart. They always asked how I was doing, if I needed to take a break. They kept me safe from overdoing it. They helped me gain my strength and ROM back. They gave me a lot of support, which inspired me to do the best that I can. It's nice to have my shoulder working again without pain." T.W.

"Therapists are very professional. knowledgeable, personable, encouraging and reassuring. All the right attributes to lead a patient through intense post surgical recovery from major spine surgery. The privacy of individual work rooms provides focused interaction with the therapist and an at ease environment for the patient. Office staff also provides sincere and caring administrative support that helps patients feel cared for in a positive way." G.S.

"They are amazing and so patient with my daughter who is 7 years old. The environment is welcoming and everyone is so nice."

"The therapists are great! They are very attentive, professional, and personable. Their supportive and encouraging manner will make this process easier."  Carol Valcourt

"The staff are very easy to talk to about my issues and very understanding."   Christopher Crossen

"Hubbard PT has knowledgeable, caring, professional therapists and office staff."  Sturbridge Resident

"At Hubbard they listen to your concerns, address your problems, and document your progress while continuing to update your treatment program,  meeting your needs, in a professional manner."  G Mitus

"Knowledge of my therapist and understanding of my situation. Clean, expansive physical space." 

"Accurate diagnosis combined with highly effective physical therapy on a progressive basis. The doctor and staff are friendly, efficient and caring."   David Munroe

"I appreciated the care Rebecca and Sarah gave to me, and the progress I made. My final session was very helpful as we identified the progress I made, and what steps might or might not be helpful for me to take in the future. I felt the directions were clear and I left each session with a clear idea of what I needed to do to progress to the next step."  Jim Chase

"It was a pleasure meeting Rebecca and Sarah. I appreciated the explanations as to what and why I need to do. This was done in a very professional, friendly manner. I would strongly recommend Hubbard Physical Therapy - a very satisfied client!"

"The Hubbard Physical Therapy experience speeded my recovery from hip surgery along and as an active person, I love feeling like myself again. It's nice to know I have a source if I need PT again in the future."

"This place has been the most amazing place to go to for therapy. When I first went in for therapy, I was in so much pain. Now that I have finished the therapy, I feel so good. Thank you Rebecca and Sarah for all your effort in helping to get me to where I wanted to feel. You guys rock!"

"I felt my first experience going to PT at Hubbard Physical Therapy was excellent. I learned about my injury and how to strengthen my right ankle. I also learned about proper balance. At my age this is very important. I would highly recommend PT services at Hubbard to all my family and friends."

"I have been in and out of PT since a knee injury in 2004. This is the ONLY physical therapy I would recommend to anyone. The "whole body" approach is amazing. Not sure why they all don't do this. Also the staff is amazing. I hopefully won't need PT again but if I do this is the only place I will go. Love you guys!"

"Highly recommend this facility for physical therapy. Rebecca's knowledge of appropriate care and exercises were spot on; and her desire to continually learn and expand her knowledge is very important to me as a patient. Very well - run office/practice!"  J.B.

"Rebecca and her team are wonderful. Rebecca is the best PT I have been to and I have seen quite a few over the years. She is professional and personable and goes the extra distance to help solve my problems in a way that is comfortable and that I can continue on my own. Thank you. Rebecca!"   

"I had a stroke and needed therapy to get back to living a life as I had before the stroke. The help I received was extremely good and successful. I would recommend this facility to anyone."

"We reached workable targets/goals at each session with noted measurable improvement/ I know what I have to do and must keep up. If i have questions, I know I can call for appropriate reinforcement. Comforting to say the least."   Robert Duncan

"My experience with Hubbard PT was a good one. Besides the excellent care I received, I learned about how my body works and how to prevent a occurrence of the pain. My therapist provided both verbal and printed material to aid me in my recovery. I have been able to lower the amount of pain medication I was taking. Should I need physical therapy in the future, I would most certainly return to Rebecca and would recommend her to anyone needing this service."     Felicia Juhl

"Several years ago there were a couple of incidents that left me close to immobile. After a few days rest, my body would start feeling better and then with the smallest movements my muscles would pull again causing me to be bed ridden for an unpredictable amount of time. For more than two years this pattern continued, severe pain with every coming day leading to deep depression. I ended up selling off all my sporting goods including my snowboard, golf clubs, and my compound bow thinking that this is the way that I would lead the rest of my life. After attempting a variety of therapies and drug treatments, I was made aware of Rebecca. Starting off I could barely walk, let alone even think about anything sport related. As well I was not at all confident enough to find or keep a job to support myself. Instantly she made me feel incredibly comfortable, not pushing me past my injuries limits like the other therapists I had encountered. Beginning with small exercises I began to improve slowly, and before I knew it my daily average pain was decreasing quite rapidly. As I improved we began to do more strength building exercises which sped up my recovery even more. Since then I have been able to participate in so much, and even plan on golfing and riding dirt bikes again this upcoming spring, something I haven't been able to do in a very long time. Rebecca constantly listened, working with me and not forcing me to do things my body wasn't ready for. An incredible therapist and absolutely amazing person, I am blessed beyond compare to have met and work with her. I would recommend no one else but Rebecca as a physical therapist."     Malcolm Nierodzinski, Dudley, MA

"My experience with Hubbard PT was very positive. My program was tailored to my needs. Rebecca is very skilled and creative, often thinking outside the box in order to find ways to help me progress. I also prefer dealing with only one therapist as it seems more personalized. I would recommend her to anyone in need guidance to correct an orthopedic issue."     Jody Y.

"Rebecca is the best! Her knowledge of physical therapy and the muscular/skeletal system is exceptional and she is truly dedicated to making her patients feel better and learn how to keep themselves better. We are very fortunate to have her in our area to help us age comfortably and successfully."    Noni Linton, Charlton, MA

"I had this pain in my lower back/hip for several months. I had been treated at another facility with little to no relief. After a few visits, I felt some bit of relief. I had thought I would be living with this discomfort for the rest of my life but after a few months I am pain free and continue to be! Thank you Rebecca!"      Cynthia Davis

"Thank you so much, Rebecca, you are so much more than a therapist. You have become a friend. You and Ellen make your clients feel like family. Thank you for everything."    Donna Farmer, Spencer, MA

"Rebecca is the best I've ever had and would find it hard to match her expertise and kindness. Her secretary, Ellen, is gem also."   M.A.M.

"I am more than satisfied, I am ecstatic that with your help I am able to do much more. You did a wonderful job and I am very grateful." K.A.

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